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Real Progress in Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President, 2020

Real Progress in Action is a 501c4 organization founded to foster collaboration with other groups of progressive-minded individuals in order to serve the needs of the masses using the lens of Modern Monetary Theory to guide policy prescriptions. Understanding that we have only a few years to correct our nation’s path before doing irreparable harm …

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Press Release – Real Progressives Announces Launch of New Venture

Real Progressives announced today the creation of a new nonprofit corporation to help match activists and progressive causes with policy makers, media outlets and academic experts to help create actionable policy from a sound financial framework.  This unprecedented effort with a mission to facilitate dialog and work groups to assist academics within the Modern Monetary Theory discipline to fundamentally address the ubiquitous question of how progressive policy can be paid for within a sovereign fiat currency system.

Real Progressives to Host Green New Deal and Financing Event

Real Progressives will host a live event for Harrisburg residents to discuss the economic implications of the Green New Deal with federal spending information and local considerations for job growth, tax implications and actions that can be taken by individuals.The Harrisburg seminar, on Satrueday, October 19, is the first of several planned around the country, will be streamed live and available for on-demand viewing for world-wide dissemination to a global audience across Real Progressives’ social media platforms on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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