Brad Sandler

From Under The Woodwork

After an election loss to a village idiot from Texas, the Democrats were quick to point fingers and Ralph Nader appeared in their crosshairs. His third-party presence was accused of siphoning off enough votes to require the conservative Supreme Court to decide.  Now, Karl Rove's dirty deeds were a legitimate citation, considering the man had …

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New Year, New Recommended Reading

The transition from trading fish and coconuts to using recognizable modern currency happens quickly, but don’t despair if you’re feeling macroeconomically challenged! This book is written for regular folks who are interested in learning how an economy with a sovereign fiat currency works without having to attend a university program to get there.

Volunteer Outreach Position Open with Non-Profit Real Progressives

Position Description This position requires a volunteer to email a request to colleges and universities asking to post Macro N Cheese’s link to their website. A follow up phone call will be made once the email has been sent. Email request and phone script will be provided. Document and submit results weekly to team leader. …

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